Fractum Elementum

1920 x 1080 FHD


The Fractal Elementum Collection was conceived by leveraging fractal imaging, abstract art, and animations to create an exciting and bold new concept. Each piece is 100% unique and can never be exactly replicated using design software or fractal equations. Come explore all new worlds and collect all 5!

4.1 Copyright

4.1 Fractured Galaxy Abstract

Dropped Early on Rarible!
4.2 Copyright

4.2 Cosmic Time Loop Abstract

4.3 Copyright

4.3 Elemental Gas Cloud Abstract

4.4 Copyright

4.4 Meteor Terrascape Abstract

4.5 Copyright

4.5 Dead Planet Abstract

About iamgalactify

iamgalactify has been producing alternative works of art for more than 20 years. From alternative photography to mixed media to digital design and NFT'S, iamgalactify has been on a quest to discover new creative mediums and gain cosmic inspiration from across the galaxy.